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Online Order

Connect audience to brands.
Build awareness and trust with business users.

Custom Mobile

Built-in features and infrastructure for the business.
Supporting truly native iOS and Android interface and performance.

Kiosk & QRCode
Table Order

Browse a digital menu, send order directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Our Services

What We Do?

Our work is to create an experience, build brand awareness and establish consistency with our merchants. We don’t just work for you. We work with you.

Customizing your online ordering webpage under your brand

Focus on pickup and delivery logistics, also integrate the online ordering system into your website.

By using our web ordering system, you can now manage your online presence easily and efficiently.


Custom Mobile Apps

IOS/Android & Loyalty Integration

Build your app faster by using our revolutionary platform to it is full potential. Your business takes full advantage of our build in features, Loyalty, E-Wallet, Online ordering, and Franchise Management. We combine our knowledge and experience with yours to ensure we achieve your goals.

Easily create a store within minutes using a user-friendly interface.

Your online stores are also easily navigable and streamlined for your customers.


Sales optimized.

Contactless Dine in Solution for Reopening Restaurant

QR code Table Order

By using our online ordering system, merchant can simply generate the customized QR code with table number. Without downloading an app, your clients can browse the professional digital menu by scanning the QR code located on the table.

Guests scan QR Code with any mobile device

Guests select items and send order to the cashier/kitchen
Order confirmed and sent for preparation

Back-to-Business Covid-19 Solutions


From EzOrdernow Kiosks to Food Ordering and Check-in Kiosks, you can find several solutions to facilitate operations while reducing the risk of virus transmission between staff, guests and customer.

Quick-Serve Restaurant Order Entry kiosks are increasing in popularity as consumers usually prefer to customize their order and they get to enjoy the convenience of skipping the line.

Self-Service Kiosks for guest ordering streamlines the process to benefit operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Whether it’s a kiosk inside a restaurant, outdoor dining or other entertainment venue, or an outdoor drive-thru kiosk, EzNow Kiosk has helped design and deliver innovation to streamline food ordering and enhance the guest experience.

For over 15 years, our capabilities have been exercised and proven across 17 vertical markets, building an unparalleled experience base for our customers to tap into.

While most clients have general kiosk design ideas and preferences, there is no need to know how to design a kiosk. As diverse kiosk makers for over 15 vertical markets, we will consult with you on how to build your own kiosk elements into a design that meets your aesthetic and functional needs. Furthermore, we can recommend components and features that help you meet the intended custom kiosk price range for hardware and support services. In short, we’ll make it easy for your company to hit your custom mark.

Self-Order Solutions

Restaurant Merchant Services

With Upserve, you get fair and transparent processing pricing while gaining insights about your restaurant through EzOrdernow Admin Dashboard data.

Easily find and access sales history and check sales trends.

Contact with us on this brand new feature!

Facilitate the integration with your administration software.

We will be here 24/7 for you to answer all your concerns.

Social Media Marketing

Data Driven more orders

Set up your social media marketing goals which align to business objectives. Learn everything about your audience and make the marketing strategy. We set up your social media accounts and improve the profiles. Also, analyzing the data to improve the strategy for a better result.

Complete your business info and rule out your problems about Google Business.

Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp are the primary platforms for restaurant to engage with customers. We help you schedule every post and update pictures and news. If you target on the different audiences, we can operate other social medias, like Snapchat or Wechat, etc.

Help you improve your rank on SERP. This will definitely increase your brand awareness and website’s user experiences.

Our team will create unique ad campaign based on your business type and scale. We also help you to understand the result of each ad. Our report will show ROI and suggestion for customer insights.

Customer reviews are very important to every restaurant. Build a strong relationship with customer is our goal. We help you reply those reviews and collect customer’s feedback.

Integrated Tablet System

POS Integration

All-in-one Integrated Smart Terminal is ideal for merchants that requiring cost effective and space-saving Point of Sale solutions. Ez Integrated tablet system also allows restaurants to respond to orders speedily. For after-sales service, we can fix tablet via remote control.

Pax Technology

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