Fast development of smart phone technology created an opportunity for online order revolution. Customers tend to find a convenient way to “feed” themselves with a simple click. If you’ve noticed a positive change in online order trends over the last 3 years, thank QR codes.

Despite criticism, the QR code is playing a major role in the evolution of online order platform. QR codes are widely used across the globe because they are user-friendly , convenient and practical. What is more, they gained great popularity in restaurants, bars, markets, as well as other hospitality business.

It is incredibly convenient to order online especially through your smart phone. “Scan it, make the order easier” can be sub-optimal to speak to have to a live waiter or waitress, who is jugging multiple roles in a restaurant, dealing with customers face-to-face and handling several ringing phone lines.

EzOrderNow, an online food order platform using QR codes, now is changing the way for new generation ordering food. There are 3 ways to use it. The most direct way is to scan QR code in restaurants. Also. You can browse either on your mobile or computer to make your order.

Browse on mobile web
Scan QR code in restaurants
Browse on computer web

For customers, EzOrderNow is convenient and easy to use. When you are not at the restaurant, you can order whatever you want to eat on the platform with several figure clicks and choose either pick up or delivered to you by restaurants. When you are at the restaurant, you can simple scan the QR code to order and make payments. People can order food without distance limitation and have more fun from group order. Every single user will have popular New York restaurants “fed you”, anytime, anyplaces.

For restaurants, EzOrderNow can also reduce the order errors by letting customers make their own choices and confirmation. When customers are able to order food from their smart-phones, you could hire less employees and it would save 10 to 15 minutes to serve for each table. In result, the turnover rate increase. What’s more, it could also increase your order volumes. When customers are able to order food themselves, it makes ordering convenient to them. They are more likely to purchase food from your restaurants when they can easily discover through mobile technology. Adding QR Codes to the menu to create a digital interactive ordering experience for customers will prompt customers to complete ordering online.

Are you ready? Use EzOrderNow to start you self-order journey NOW! Scan the QR code below:


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