Enter the Facebook public homepage background, click "Settings" in the left column, then click "Instagram" in the left column, and then click "Connect to Instagram" on the right page to log in to an existing Instagram account (you need to log in twice to succeed)

Go to the merchant's public homepage, click "Settings" in the left column, click "Page role" in the left column, and search for the username or email address you want to add.

You can try to add the other user as a friend on the personal homepage first and then go to Page Roles to add the other user's permissions after the other user accepts it.

  Google Business

Google My Business can attract customers to interact with your business. Through the business file, you can be exposed to Google Search and Maps, and you can also respond to reviews, post product photos or special offers, and add/edit business details. In addition, you can analyze data to further improve customer engagement to increase effectiveness.

If the merchant forgets the account password, they can verify and retrieve the authorization by calling or sending a postcard.

The verification method is to send a postcard to the business address and enter passwords after receiving it; the other is to verify by phone. When the merchant's authority is not in your hands, you can ask to get the authority back. After passing the verification, you can get the authority back.


You can retrieve the merchant authority by requesting the merchant's phone verification during the process, and you can get it back after verification; or contact Yelp for merchant information verification.

You can find the fields for managing users in the upper right corner of the user settings. Select the business to be managed and enter the mailbox number to be authorized.

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